Darwin did it 1/5

Every now and again a client comes to us and pushes the boundaries of what can be done. We're always keen on a challenge once we're sure that it's humanly possible. LGC specialises in scientific analysis and asked us to produce an
ambitiously-styled presentation folder.

Their first proposal wouldn't have worked, technically, so we came up with an alternative suggestion. Digital proofs enabled LGC to see the strength of our recommendation and also allowed scope for essential artwork adjustment. The end result featured three beautiful die-cut apertures, through which selected colour images could be seen. One happy client.

Mr Muscle
Darwin did it 2/5

Stability's a good thing…on balance. Which is why we embraced the creation of a bespoke, point-of-sale twist-and-lock holder, for a demonstration of
Mr Muscle's brilliance. The holder had to contain test tubes full of the cleaning product. One false move and they would slop everywhere. No one likes sloppy.

We also had to design a box to hold the test tubes for overnight delivery via courier. After some head scratching we developed a few prototypes, and, with a couple of tweaks, produced a unique solution a bit like Mr Muscle. Stable to the last drop.

Darwin did it 3/5

What's in a name? Everything. Brands have a reputation to protect. That's why we get paid protection money. COTY is the umbrella for such household names as Rimmel and Adidas. Consequently their Christmas brochure had to be perfect, with pinpoint repro and handsome product shots.

Perfection is our middle name, which is unusual, admittedly. We used digital proofs throughout the approval process and conjured some retouching magic to make sure COTY got a job straight out of the top drawer. Three different versions had to be produced with 26 overnight deliveries to the UK and Ireland.

Carphone Warehouse
Darwin did it 4/5

'itk' is Carphone Warehouse's internal monthly magazine. Copy flies around like shrapnel their end, the magazine takes shape, the artwork lands with a thunk on our doorstep, and we take it from there. Our mission, which we chose to accept, is to distribute the publication wherever and whenever it needs to go.

Print management is always a good test of character. We think ours is pretty impeccable. Our job is to take all the headaches away and be as flexible as possible. So we are. We dot the 'Is' and cross the 'Ts', each and every month without fail.

National Assessment Agency
Darwin did it 5/5

You say 'logistical nightmare', we say 'bring it on'.
A job with a diverse range of items, in a pack, in different formats and finishes, that has to be collated in a variety of ways for 28,000 different end users? Sigh.

Not simple. But we rolled up our sleeves. The challenge was set by the National Assessment Agency. They asked us to print and finish all the items and packaging, and also coordinate logistics UK-wide. No problem.